Kong Wobbler

Kong Wobbler Review

Thinking of buying a Kong Wobbler for your dog but wondering how it works, what to put in it and how much entertainment it provides? Read on for our review of the Kong Wobbler.

The Kong brand has been synonymous with the world of pet toys for some time. Founded by Joe Markham, the brand is the result of necessity, passion and solutions and not a business for profit.

The Wobbler is one of the most popular puzzle games in the Kong armoury.

Review of the Kong Wobbler

The Kong Wobbler is a treat giving toy and feeder that is available in small and large sizes. It has a screw-in top that allows you to fill it with food or use dried kibble or other small treats.

It spins, wobbles and rolls when the dog pushes it to the ground with food. It is ideal for high-energy pets, picky eaters and overweight dogs.

It’s easy to use, you just unscrew the lid and put the treats in.

The Kong Wobbler is one of my favourite interactive food puzzle toys for dogs. I am a big fan of challenging my puppies to avoid boredom, and one of Kong’s dog toys for this task is the Kong Wobler.

Kong is a US brand that specialises in dog toys made of natural rubber and hard plastic. All Kong toys are designed as enrichment toys to stimulate dogs.

Depending on the size of dog you have you might want to consider the smaller size of Kong because of the size of kibble or treats you are going to use. You don’t want the game to be too easy or hard.

Fill the wobbler with food or treats and give it to your pooch. You can fill it with treats, kibbles or dehydrated dog food. When your dog starts to move the toy, it spins, wobbles, rolls and releases the treats.

You can also fill the Wobbler with a small piece of food paste, which serves as a treat to keep lively dogs and puppies happy. Beware though, because things can get messy!

One flaw with this product is that when your dog pushes it around to extract the treats, it makes a lot of noise and bangs on furniture or the floor – so beware of this.

Final Thoughts: Is the Kong Wobbler any good?

In my opinion, the Wobbler ticked all the boxes for a fun and interactive dog food puzzle.

I was afraid that it would not be complex enough to keep them busy for long periods of time, but that was not the case. For hours they pushed it around the house, excited that the treats were coming.