How to make the Perfect Cup of Tea

With many different varieties of tea to choose from, you every day existence can be infused with

Creating a cup of tea that perfectly pleases your taste buds and accentuates the flavour of the variety requires patience and diligence.

From English breakfast tea to Chaga, a medium-bodied mushroom tea. And from Japanese cherry blossom and chamomile, the list of options are wide.

Buddha Teas have come up with the perfect answer to the question how to make a perfect cup of tea – regardless of the type of tea you are making.

How to make a cup of tea


Use fresh, preferably filtered, water. Many teas, especially herbal, include subtle flavors that can be lost or altered if prepared using unfiltered water.


Measure the temperature of heated water using an electric kettle with a variety of settings or a cooking thermometer.

Consider these temperature guidelines for different types of teas including:

  • Black (200-205 F)
  • Green (175-180 F)
  • Blends (190-205 F)
  • Matcha (175 F)
  • Herbal (205 F)
  • Oolong (185-205 F)
  • Pu-erh (195-205 F)
  • White (175-185 F)


Once the water reaches the proper temperature, pour water over one teabag per 8 ounces of water. For a stronger brew, use additional teabags.

Most teas require a 3-6-minute steep, depending on the type of tea and preferred strength.

Herbal teas may take longer to reach full strength than black, green or white teas, sometimes up to 10 minutes.

One thing to keep in mind: Each tea presents its own unique flavor profile, some naturally trending toward bitter.

However, teas that are not naturally bitter will often become so if steeped at too high a temperature or for too long.