Cat and Dog

Should you have a legal estate plan for pets?

Pets are big part of your family, but have you considered whether to get a legal estate plan for pets?

Pets depend on you for their care and wellbeing. But what happens if you – the owner – passes away before your dog or cat, bird or horse? What does it mean for the future of your pets?

Online estate planning companies like Gentreo Pets are now offering a pet-specific package that includes all the documents that pet owners need to ensure quality of care and provide for their pets in an emergency.

It’s the first pet-specific bundle offering available in the estate planning industry. Gentreo Pets’ legal documents help pet owners provide for their pets and protect their wellbeing.

“As many are preparing to travel as COVID restrictions are lifted, making sure our pets’ sitters have the right information and paperwork is critical to securing care if needed,” says Mary Kate D’Souza, Gentreo’s Chief Legal Officer and co-founder.

The Gentreo Pets packages include a Pet Information Sheet to provide pet sitters with all necessary details about their pet, including vet and emergency contact information, nutrition and exercise routines, medications and more.

Also provided is a Pet Power of Attorney to appoint a caregiver to make decisions about the pet’s care if the owner is traveling or otherwise unavailable, such as requesting care or assuring veterinarians that they will be paid for services.

Additionally as part of the legal estate plan for pets, Pet Trust will provide for pets in the event that the pet owner passes away before the pet.

“Thanks to medical advances, our pets are living longer than they used to. This means we need to make sure they will be cared for if we pass away before they do, and a Pet Trust does this,” D’Souza said.

“Your pet is viewed as your property, so it would be distributed as your property upon your death. In order to make sure your pet is financially cared for, you need to do a Pet Trust.”