71% of Americans Plan International Travel in 2021

More than seven in ten Americans plan on enjoying international travel in 2021 according to a survey from leading medical insurance company the International Medical Group.

IMG’s Future of Travel Survey collected responses from their U.S. members with past international travel experience.

It revealed travel insights such as willingness to travel internationally, importance of safety precautions, and motivating factors to travel again following the coronavirus pandemic.

The International Medical Group revealed increased confidence towards travel, reporting that 71% plan on international travel in 2021.

“With vaccines becoming more readily available and cities, countries, and businesses continuing to reopen, people are beginning to take their anxiously awaited leisure getaways and planning for even more travel later this year,” said IMG’s Chief Commercial Officer, Amanda Winkle.

“The pent-up desire to travel combined with the success of the U.S. vaccination rollout is driving increased booking behavior and IMG is prepared to protect our members’ trip investments and health as they embark on their long-awaited trips.” 

Of the 71% of respondents planning to travel internationally in 2021, 49% plan to embark on their first trip abroad before September.

Meanwhile, 88% of respondents are planning to travel domestically with the United States this year and 44% are planning on taking three or more domestic trips.

On the negative side, 57% said COVID-19 had a major effect on their willingness to travel. Receiving the vaccine will result in a willingness to travel for 69% of the respondents.

More than half – 52% – of respondents declared they would be more likely to purchase a travel protection or travel medical insurance plan for their next trip.

“For years now, travel medical insurance has been a must-have for international travelers to protect themselves from unexpected accidents or illnesses” added Winkle. “The events of the past year have further shown the importance of having proper coverage when away from home.

“Now, as travelers begin taking and booking their first trips since the pandemic, travel protection plans should absolutely be a consideration; not only to insure nonrefundable trip costs should their ability to travel change prior to departing for their trip, but also for protection against events that could cause trip interruption.”